Bow Profile: Traditional Slam T/D Recurve Bow from Palmer Bow Company

By R. Blacky Schwarz

Palmer Bow Company, P.O. Box 725, Sabinal, TX 78881.

Price: US$1200

Bow Specs:
Model: Traditional Slam T/D Recurve bow
Length: 60 inches
Draw weight: 49,5 pounds at 28 inches
Brace height: 7,25 inches to 7,75 inches
Physical weight: 3 pounds

Test Results:

Draw weight: 49,5 pounds at 28 inches
Stored energy: 45,04 foot-pounds
Stored energy per pound of draw weight: 0,91 foot-pounds/pound
Arrow weight: 446 grains
Arrow speed: 196 fps with mechanical release
Kinetic energy: 38,05 foot-pounds
Dynamic efficiency: 84,5 % (kinetic energy/stored energy)
Arrow speed: 191 fps with finger release

Length: Riser overall length 18,31 inches
Shape: Slightly deflexed
Sight window: The radiused sight window measures four inches in height from the shelf surface to the upper edge of the cut-out.
Centre cut: Cut and ground to 0,19 inches past centre.
Material: The Traditional Slam bows feature a two-toned riser made from bocote on the grip side and macassar ebony on the front side. The brown bocote wood of the reviewed bow sports a tight grain pattern with lots of fine lines, ranging from dark brown to black on the sight-window side of the riser. Swirling grain lines on the side opposite to the sight window give the bocote quite a different appearance and with more base colour showing through the wider spaced lines, the wood also appears to be lighter in colour. Chocolate-coloured streaks add some character to the dark brown macassar ebony wood, used on the front of the riser. Two double-tapered accent stripes of bocote and macassar ebony with contrasting pin stripe layers of light coloured maple are sandwiched between the front and the grip part of the riser to enhance the optical appearance of the bow. Accent stripes serve a double purpose: they are used for looks and appearance and the multiple glue lines also add warp resistance and stability to the wood. As an exceptional eye catcher, the heads of eleven big game animals and the Palmer logo along with inscriptions are laser-engraved into the riser wood on the side opposite the sight window to commemorate the harvesting of all 28 North American big game species by Fred Eichler with a Palmer recurve bow.

Grip: Standard medium grip
Take-down system: The riser ends feature milled, micarta-lined limb pockets, so the limbs are mounted flush with the front of the riser for a seamless transition from riser to limbs. Two precisely milled holes in each limb butt, in conjunction with two shoulder screws, provide accurate limb alignment, while aluminum bezels distribute the lock-down forces over a greater area for a secure fitting.

Shape: Recurved limbs with a rectangular cross-section.
Limb width: 1,75 inches at the fade-outs and 0,75 inches just below the string groove
Material: The limb core is constructed with a tapered layer of actionwood on the back and a thin parallel layer of carbon on the belly side. For looks and appearance, bocote veneers that match the wood of the riser are added to both sides of the limb core. Clear Gordon Bo-Tuff ® glass as outer layers ensures a long limb life and shows the natural beauty of the bocote veneers. Macassar ebony, which resembles the colour of dark coffee beans, is cut and ground for the limb wedges, which are inserted between the actionwood and the carbon laminations. Layers of amber and black micarta are used for the limb overlays, which are an optical continuation of the overlays on the riser.
Tip overlays: Black and amber micarta is also used for overlays on the limb tips. Reinforcing the limb tips with overlays of glass or micarta ensures the use of modern, low-stretch string materials with no ill effects for the limbs.

Finish: The bow is protected against the elements with a matt, non-reflecting clear coat. This clear coat is made in Europe and was originally used to spray-paint plastic bumpers on Mercedes vehicles.

Supplied string: A Flemish twist string, made from 16 strands of Fast Flight material, is supplied with the bow. All strings made from high-performance string materials, like D-75, BCY 452-X, TS-1, Dynaflite 97, BCY 8125 etc. can be used on the Traditional Slam recurve bow.

Ordering options: The Traditional Slam is available in a right-hand and a left-hand configuration and in lengths of 58, 60, 62 and 64 inches. The draw weight can be ordered at the desired draw length from 20 to 70 pounds. The grip can be custom shaped to the customer’s preference.

Testing Parameters: A force-draw curve was obtained from the reviewed bow, using a digital force gauge with a resolution of 0,1 pounds. Measured bow weight was rounded to the next half pound. The different arrow speeds were achieved with the bow shot from a shooting machine with a mechanical release and with finger release, using a “Crick-It” clicker and a deerskin glove. The string was pulled to 28 inches AMO, which is 26,25 inches from the string to the deepest point of the grip. The (three) arrows for the speed testing had a weight of 9 grains per pound of measured (not stated) draw weight. A 16-strand Fast-Flight string without any attachments (silencers, etc.) was used. Speed measurements were taken three feet in front of the back of the bow with two chronographs set up in a tandem configuration. Each arrow was shot a minimum of 6 times and overall achieved speeds were rounded to the next whole digit.

Updated: Tuesday, September 15, 2009 1:51 PM