Bow Profile: Kingfisher Recurve Bow from Hummingbird Custom Bows


by R. Blacky Schwarz

Manufacturer: Hummingbird Custom Bows
9631 Vineyard Road
Mt. Pleasant, NC 28124
Price: $1,000.00

Bow Specs:
Model: Kingfisher Recurve Bow
Length: 60 inches
Draw Weight: 51 lbs at 28 inches
Brace Height: 7 1/4 inches
Physical Weight: 2 lbs 8 oz

Test Results:
Draw weight: 51 lbs at 28 inches
Stored energy: 46.48 ft-lbs
Stored energy per
pound of draw weight: 0.91 ft-lbs/lbs
Arrow weight: 459 grains
Arrow speed: 193 fps with mechanical release
Kinetic energy: 37.97 ft-lbs
Efficiency: 81.7 % (Kinetic energy / stored energy)
Arrow Speed: 188 fps with finger release

Length: 22 inches from fade-out to fade-out
Shape: Slightly deflexed
Sight Window: 4 2/8 inches high.
Centre Cut: 1/8 inches past centre
Material: The riser of the Kingfisher recurve bow is glued up with a bocote centre piece and cocobolo caps on the outsides. Dark brown, almost black, swirling grain lines add a lot of character and contrast to the light brown bocote wood. A wide, strengthening accent stripe of black micarta and yellow dymond wood runs lengthwise through the riser. A narrow stripe of the same material on the back of the bow and a thin layer of white glass on the face are laminated between the bocote centre and the reddish, nicely grained cocobolo caps. Another set of radiused, black and yellow accent stripes can be found near the top and the bottom of the riser.
Grip: medium sized, medium high pistol type grip

Shape: Recurved limbs with a rectangular cross-section and rounded-off edges.
Limb width: 1 3/4 inches at the fade-outs and 13/16 of an inch just below the string groove
Material: Two honey coloured layers of laminated bamboo (ActionBoo) are the woods (or should I say grass, since bamboo is not a wood) of choice for the Kingfisher limbs. On the face of the bow a tiger maple veneer with a beautiful inlayed arrow acts as an eye catcher. The arrow is painstakingly handcrafted from different coloured pieces of wood and shows a lot of detail. It is the same arrow design that was introduced in the 15th anniversary model. Clear BoTuff® glass is used for the outer layers of the limbs.
Tip Overlays: Limb tip overlays from black micarta and bocote match the woods in the riser and can handle today's high performance, low stretch strings.

Finish: flat, two parts epoxy finish.

Supplied String: A 18 strand TS-1 Flemish twist string is furnished with the bow.
All high performance strings, like Fast Flight, BCY 452, Dynaflite 97 etc. can be used.

Ordering options: The Kingfisher is available for right and left handed shooters and in bow lengths from 58 inches to 64 inches in 2-inch increments. Draw weights can be ordered in a range from 30 to 70 lbs at the customer's specified draw length. A variety of domestic and exotic woods is available on all Hummingbird bows. ActionBoo is used as the standard limb material for the Kingfisher. The reviewed bow sports the arrow inlay in the limbs, which is available as an option for $150.00. The finish can be flat or high gloss. The Kingfisher, like all the other Hummingbird recurve bow models, is also available as a take-down version.

Testing Parameters: Speed testing 3 feet in front of chronograph
Bow drawn to 28 inches A.M.O. (26 1/4 inches from string to push point of grip). Arrow weight of 9 grains per pound of draw weight. 16 strand Fast-Flight string without any attachments (silencers, etc.).

Updated: Wednesday, May 14, 2008 1:54 PM